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This note Highlights Fresh Commonwealth Stamps Listed this week

Lots of additions this week to the Morocco Agencies - The Saint Islands and British South Atlantic
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Greetings   .

At last it seems to be warming up a bit as we move into spring. It's good to feel some warmth on these old brittle bones.

I had in this week and have listed them all as singles an excellent stock of Morocco Agencies issues. All areas are covered with: Gibraltar Overprints, British French and Spanish currencies plus Tangier and even a few non Commonwealth items. There are both mint, used and even a few covers there so it would be hard for anyone with that interest not to find something. Also I broke a nice West Indies collection and have concentrated this week on those from the Saint Islands. So, there is also a fair bit there to see too. In addition to that, as usual, there are a substantial number of Omnibus items added to the 1937, 1948 and 1966 issues so those too are worth a look. Other areas with items added are listed and can be accessed via the Yellow Text Links just at the foot of this note. 

As always   I hope I managed to put up something of special interest to you? Please take a look if you have opportunity; if not please: just have a good weekend.

     Kindest Regards

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New Listing #2 British West Indies Saints Islands

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