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This note Highlights Fresh Commonwealth Stamps Listed this week

Large Burma Collection and many Fresh Isle of Man items to see
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Accros the board Burma additions Here

Over 200 additional Burma Items Here
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Good day   .

Did the earth move for you? It's, a question I have been asked a lot this week. However, it's not what you might think as we in common with thousands of others in this region got woken up at 5 20 am on Monday morning by a distinct rocking of the bed caused by a force 6.3 earthquake that took place in the sea between Melilla and Malaga. I must say for the benefit of those who may not have ever experienced that, this is my forth time; it is a very unnerving expereance. Fortunatley not too much damage.

Anyway, shaken into action early I did manage to have a rather good listing week. I had in a very comprehensive Burma collection which I have broken down into individual items for you. Mostly mint and used singles including Japanese Occupation issues. Well worth a look for that illusive item. Also a very good range of mint and used Isle of Man issues. I don't know when I last toped that area up, but looking at the pricing, it must have been around 2008. Anyway there is a good range there at the moment so that too is worth a look if that's one of your interest. As usual other topped up areas can be accessed by clicking the Yellow Text links just at the foot of this note.

As always   I hope there is something of interest to you! Please take a look if you have opportunity but if not please just have a great weekend.

     Kindest Regards

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