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This note Highlights Fresh Commonwealth Stamps Listed this week

Fresh Selection of Southern Africa Items and many additional Royalty sets
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South Africa and the Homelands Here

Fresh Range of South Africa and the Homelands
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Greetings   .

Even here we are all feeling the winter chill typical of this time of year and I have to keep reminding myself that spring is just around the corner!
One bit of: less than best news is: that although I have manged to hold my shipping charge for 9 years now I do have to raise it. So from the first of February our standard Shipping charge will go from GB£1.50 to GB£2.00. I have left it until then as I realise that whilst it's not an unreasonable price for the average size of order I get it is a lot if one just wants 1 or 2 lower priced items so there is still a couple of weeks to take advantage of the lower rate.

This week I had in a great Southern Africa collection with much South Arica, including the Homelands, South West Africa and Namibia. So, those are all well worth a look. In addition to that I have added a lot of Royalty items mostly Omnibus issues in the 1981- 84 range covering the Royal Wedding, Diana's 21st and the births of Prince William and Henry. So those too are worth a look. I have put direct links to those via the Yellow Text below this note.

I As always    I hope there something there for you! Please take a look if you have opportunity but if not please just have a great weekend.

     Kindest Regards

Text Links:
1981 Royal Wedding
1981 Diana's 21st Birthday
1982 Price William
1984 Prince Henry
South Africa Homeland

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New Listing #2 South West Africa and Namibia

South West Africa and Namibia Just Click the image to view

Lots of Fresh SWA and Namibia Stock to see
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New Listing #3 All Omnibus issues are Here

Thousands of Omnibus isses here: Just click tthe image to view

 Many 1981 1982 and 1984 Royalty Issues Added

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