SJU | Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship

Inclusiveness, Transparency and Communication:
The Cornerstones of a Sustainable Family Business

May 21st | 11:00-2:30pm

Location: Wynne Hall of Fame Room | Hagan Arena
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Nirmala Narayan  |   |  610.660.2218

What makes for a sustainable family business: Communication,Transparency or Inclusiveness? Or are all three equally important? Join us as we explore how a deliberate focus on these factors help lay a timeless and lasting foundation for sustainability, both as an innovation-driven business and as a legacy for generations to come. We will reveal the secrets to sustainability by exploring case studies of families that have been successful. Your family will have an opportunity to identify communication and inclusiveness strategies that will help manage and reduce conflict within your family business. The panel will be moderated by Mary Nicoletti and the Panelists are:

Meghan Juday is the Director for the Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship. She is also a next generation leader of the IDEAL Industries family. For the past 10 years, she has been the IDEAL Family Council Chair and a director on the IDEAL Industries board of directors, a primarily independent board. She also chairs the Nominating and Governance Committee. She has consulted for diverse clients in the private and public sectors, and is a dynamic public speaker. Meghan also worked closely with the Loyola Family Business Center (LFBC) to develop the Family Business Stewardship Institute and Governance Institute. Meghan developed and implemented the interactive website for the Stewardship Institute, and served on the ongoing committee to help develop the Institute's curriculum.

Andrew Pitcairn, John Pitcairn’s great grandson, is a 4th generation member of the Harold Pitcairn Family line and is the current Pitcairn Family Council Chair. The Pitcairn Family Council was one of the first in the nation, established in 1982 as a platform for identifying Family talent, educating Family members about the operating business, identifying and implementing solutions for Family connectedness and interfacing directors, management and owners, among other duties.
After studying psychology at Temple University Mr. Pitcairn entered the world as a small business owner and from 1999-2008 owned and operated 2 small businesses in the Philadelphia area. This proved to be invaluable in gathering real world experience and setting the path for the next chapter in his life.

The Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship provides family owned businesses the support, guidance and tools necessary to increase long-term competitiveness, ownership prosperity and family unity for generations to come.

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