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Welcome to week 6 of the CHIP IN Education Initiative! This week, chip in and expand efforts to educate consumers and small businesses about chip card payments using the chip education video.

You can share anything here as-is, create your own handouts and resources pointing to, or do a combination of the two!

Get started by checking out the free downloadable resources below, and pick a few ways that you can share them internally and externally. Then educate via social media using the recommendations we've provided. Finally, follow our media communications tips when preparing for interviews to ensure accurate reporting on the U.S. migration to chip!
Resource of the Week

Let’s focus our efforts on educating the marketplace using an educational chip video that shows how to use a chip card in stores and at ATMs.

Download the video here!

How to Use the Resource

Use these recommendations to educate consumers and small business owners, and incorporate your own ideas, too!

  • Embed the video on the customer section of your website
  • Display it on your in-branch or in-store CCTV to train employees and customers on how to use a chip card
  • Post to your training Intranet and share with training management for employee education
Social Media

This week, let’s join together and focus our social media efforts around teaching consumers and small businesses how to use a chip card.

Use these posts and/or create your own using #BenefitsOfChip, #CheckForTheChip, #EMV and #ChipCards, and link to!


Tweet This: Haven’t done a #ChipCard transaction yet? It’s easy. Watch this short video to learn how: #EMV #CheckForTheChip

Tweet This: Learn how to use a #ChipCard in-store & at an ATM at or watch this video:

Facebook & LinkedIn

Use this post to Share on Facebook or Post on LinkedIn:

Have you done a chip card transaction yet?

Learn how it works in stores and at ATMs from this new educational video:

Media Communications Tips

Consumers get a lot of information from the media. Communicating accurate and consistent messages with the media is one of the easiest ways we as an industry can help educate the market on chip cards.

When talking to media this week, use these basic chip education facts in your speaking points:

What resources are available for consumers to learn how to use their chip card?
There's a new educational video available that shows how to use chip cards in stores and at ATMs. Consumers can view it at Also, they should visit, which answers common questions about chip, and teaches how to identify a chip card, why they're receiving them and why they're more secure than magnetic stripe cards.

Will anything change for online purchases when using a chip card?
No. You will use your chip card for online purchases by following the same process you do today.

Can chip cards be used outside of the U.S.?
Yes. Chip cards are widely used in international markets and are accepted in more than 80 countries. Having a chip card will make it easier for consumers to make purchases when travelling internationally.

Want to link to from your own site, newsletter or email blasts? Use the logo above, and paste this language into your communications: is the official, go-to resource for consumer education on chip cards. Want to learn what chip cards are and why you’re getting them? Want to learn how to use them in stores? Visit
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