New Challenges in Hardware-Software Integration
Feb-Mar 2015
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Feature Stories
Software Productivity Boosts IoT Embedded Designs  -- Tool vendors at ARM, Econais, Mentor Graphics and Intel strive to make developers more productive than ever.
By Joe Desposito, Senior Editor
Embedded World 2015: Silicon Technologies Continue to Address IoT Challenges   -- This year’s Embedded World saw chip makers rising to the challenges presented by new IoT applications.
By Sally Ward-Foxton, European Correspondent

From Machine-to-Machine (M2M) to the Internet of Things (IoT) 
-- Elsevier’s book serves as a significant introduction to a new age of connected IoT intelligence  ... more 
By Holler, Tsiatsis, Mulligan, Karnouskos, Avesand, and Boyle 

Software Copyrights in Crisis, Part 2 
-- High courts wrestle with limits of copyright, as a protection for software. . .. more 
 By  Jonathan T. Kaplan, Esq., Patent and IP Lawyer

CMOS Circuit Isolators: The Little Isolator’s Come A Long Way
-- The isolator circuit has gone CMOS. Integrated designs circumvent the bandwidth limitations and other issues of the venerable old opto-isolator.  ... more 

By Hamilton Carter – Senior Editor 

Which IP Interfaces are Designers Using?  
-- Recent surveys reveal growth in IP Interfaces like DDRn, USB 3.0, PCIe, HDMI, SATA, and MIPI. Also, ethernet and ARM buses remain popular in specific areas.  ... more 
By John Blyler, Editorial Director
EVENTS: DVCon - Networking. Technical discussions. Learning opportunities. Exciting exhibits of new products and services. This is what DVCon attendees are used to, and you will find all of this and MORE at DVCon 2015 (March 2-5)
EVENTS: IOT Summit   - A forum to present, highlight and discuss the latest products, applications, development, and business opportunities in IoT. March 5-6, 2015, Santa Clara Convention Center, CA
IEEE IEDM – From Semi Devices to the War on Currents 
-- Technology traveler reports on IEEE IEDM trends in nanotechnology and Ford’s EnTransit events on the future of automotive transportation. 
By John Blyler, Editorial Director 
-- Wind River adds device-to-cloud connectivity to its existing software platforms and announces a professional services practice.
By Joe Desposito, Senior Editor 
Product Highlights from DesignCon 2015 
CST, Elgris Technology, Alpha Wire, Keysight Technologies, National Instruments and Altium represent companies demonstrating chip and board level tools.
By “IoT Embedded Systems” staff
BLOGS and News Reviews

IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of Feb. 23 2015
By Sally Bixby, Web Editor

AI Fears, Mobile Networks, Smart Labels, Happy Cybercriminals, Lantronix Shows, IoT Identity, Industrial IoT, Barbie, $$$, IoT Engineering Firm     ...more     

IoT Embedded Blog Review – Week of Feb. 23, 2015
By Hamilton Carter, Technology Editor

Buffer, and ADC design considerations; all about timing specifications; portable stimulus; Star Trek and the IoT;  the Wilson Group’s functional verification study; RTOS performance; the Silicon Valley age gap; temperature and humidity sensors; requirements management; and the oft-dreaded question “What do you do for a living?”   ...more    

Latest Video Interviews

Integrated Hardware-Software Workflows - Interview with Jama Software 
-- Business and technical hardware-software workflows must be combined and shared to be successful, notes Eric Nguyen, Director of Business Intelligence at Jama Software.

High-Tech Travelogue - Bio-MEMS and Power Devices 
-- Technology traveler reports on IEEE IEDM trends in nanotechnology and Ford’s EnTransit events on the future of automotive transportation

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