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  Top Ten Franchise Trends for 2015

The franchise world continues to expand and amaze, with a steady flow of new concepts to meet every need, want, or taste. Fueled by changes in demographics, interests, and appetities, each year we see new trends taking shape. What are the hottest trends for 2015? Here's a list of the Top Ten as identified by Entrepreneur Magazine, home of the Franchise 500.

Entertaining, educating, and enriching the lives of our children tops the list, with franchises delivering everything from the foundational concepts like art, science, and math, to new, niche franchises that teach kids financial literacy, cooking, tennis, and yoga!

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are trending, delivering a technological alternative to the exhorbitant cost and harmful effects of tobacco. 6 million adults use these products, and the number is growing. 

Variety is the spice of life and varying our workouts is what's driving the variety in fitness concepts; from yoga to kickboxing... to spinning!

Learn to paint, sip some wine, spend time with your friends. I must admit to being curious about these, and it must be fun and profitable because this category continues to grow.

Did you know that Dominos opened their first franchise in 1967? By the year 1978 they had 200 stores and now a staggering 10,000 stores in 70 countries! That's a LOT of pizza and we still can't get enough. The joy of buiding your own burrito or cup of yogurt is morphing into building your own pizza and it's just as much fun.

French fries have always been considered a side order but we're seeing a new wave of franchises that are making the spud the main course. Turns out a hot baked potato for lunch is just satisfying as it is healthy.

The housing crisis of 2008 spurred a signigicant rise in rental properties and these properties all need managing. Real estate is often a popular category for investors / entrepreneurs and it's nice to see more franchises being offered in this space.

This category has been growing strong for years due to baby boomers turning 65 and aging seniors preferring to be cared for in their homes. Over the next two decades the senior population will double in size so this category has a great deal of demand coming its way. In addition to companion care, new concepts in this space include mobility products, patient advocacy and assisted living placement assistance.

Massage Envy started this trend years ago and paved the way for a number of successful massage studio franchises that deliver therapeutic stress relief. But the pampering doesn't stop there as the menu of spa services has been expanding to include facials, brows and lashes, waxing and hi-tech tanning.

This is an industry that stayed the same for a loooong time and was ripe for a facelift. Technology and franchising have entered the vending space, machines are now updated, attractive and animated, and they deliver everything from burritos to nutritious snacks... to ice!

If you'd like to read the entire article which includes dozens of franchises in each of these categories,  click here. If you'd like a coach and a proven process to find the right franchise for you, call me; I can help.

 How much time do you have ?

Not everyone who owns a franchise works there.
Wait, doesn't the owner have to be there to make sure everything's done right?

No. Surprisingly, owners can work a corporate job and start a franchise on the side. The franchisor offers a great deal of assistance with site selection, hiring a manager and staff, and getting the operations running smoothly. From there, the owner spends 10-15 hours/week overseeing the manager, marketing, P & L, and working on opening future locations. We call this a semi-absentee, multi-unit franchise and there are many to choose from. The benefits of this path to franchise ownership are the security of keeping your full time job while working on your exit strategy (creating an asset). After a few years, the franchises are established, and the owner can walk away from their corporate job with a healthy cash flow, freedom, flexibility, and equity on the asset side of your ledger that you don't get from working a corporate job.

If the thought of quitting your corporate job to start a franchise is daunting, consider the semi-absentee route. If you're in transition, looking for a job, consider doing both. Unfortunately, corporate reorganizations are a common occurance, and if it happens to you again, you'll be in a far better place with a franchise already growing on the side. If you'd like my help pursuing this route, I'd be happy to help.

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