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January 9, 2015

Governor releases 2015-16 budget proposal

Today, Gov. Jerry Brown released his 2015-16 budget proposal. Read the full summary of the Governor’s Budget Proposal.

California State PTA is pleased to see that education is a priority in the Governor’s budget proposal. We have consistently advocated for increased education funding and this proposal helps advance that objective. California’s economy is recovering and with this budget we're on the road back to restoring past budget cuts to schools -- though there are many miles to go until California fully invests in all students at the level they need and deserve to be successful.

We’re also pleased substantial additional funding is being proposed to support the smooth implementation of the new Common Core State Standards.

There are many other aspects of the budget proposal that we will be analyzing in the coming weeks. For instance, PTA recognizes that many factors such as health have a significant impact on student achievement. We need to make sure social, mental and health services are in place to support children and families.

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