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More Than Sound: Leadership, Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence
Today's Workers are More Distracted than Ever

That can greatly impact mental health, performance and the bottom line.

Here are some resources for HR, coaches and leaders to help others - and themselves - stay focused.

The Case for a Focused Workplace
pay attention to attention

To help leaders master cognitive effort, it helps to understand the different aspects of attention. Read Daniel Goleman's insights on the focused leader.
The More Than Sound Podcast

Daniel Goleman spoke with IMD professor George Kohlrieser about the connection between focus and high performance leadership. Goleman argues that our ability to pay attention is key to doing anything well. But leaders have the added task of finding the right attention - at the right time. Learn how in the podcast.
Focus on Training

The following resources provide practical techniques to help enhance focus.
Focus Collection

Working with Mindfulness
The HR and EI Collection

What Makes a Leader
More Than Sound Affiliate Program
More Than Sound

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