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This week on Air Occupy, we again address the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the Baucus / Camp Fast Track bills introduced in Congress last week.  Relying on Melinda St. Louis of Global Trade Watch and U.S. Representative Alan Grayson, the show reviews the anticipated and controversial provisions of the secret so-called "trade agreement" and the attempt to force Congressional approval without amendment by our elected representatives.  We also put the TPP in proper perspective by considering the "promises" made for free trade and the realities under the now twenty year-old NAFTA and the more recent bi-lateral trade agreements between the U.S. and South Korea, Colombia, and Panama.

On Friday, Wikileaks released the text of the environmental chapter of the draft TPP, which confirms that environmental protections will not be enhanced in Pacific Rim countries.  This revelation confirms the concerns about the TPP and does not bode well for those concerned with other TPP subject areas, including internet freedom, labor rights, food safety, availability of prescription drugs, financial services regulation and United States sovereignty.

Tune-in to stay abreast of recent developments as fast-tracking approval of the TPP - kept secret from even our elected representative but not from 600+ corporate lobbyists - careens forward in the corporatist U.S. Congress.

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If you missed last week's program and our interview Brenda Konkel from Occupy Madison Build about Occupy Madison's tiny houses project, you can listen online at any time on our website under past programs or on!

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