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October 16-18 | Arlington, VA

is the premier leader in the health information technology, laboratory, and life sciences consulting industries by providing a total 360° approach to your business and technical project requirements. We specialize in technology-enabled business and clinical solutions that generate real ROI through streamlining processes and workflows with end-to-end solutions tailored to your organization.

The founding philosophy behind LabMetrics is to keep our principals and associates up to date with best practices and standards, changing technology, policy, and reimbursement procedures so we can provide clients with an unmatched understanding of both business management principles and mission-critical technologies.

All of our services are integrated to provide you with well-developed, written documentation that outlines the assumptions, purpose, and rationale behind every project, giving you a robust road map to meeting strategic objectives and a critical competitive edge for long-term success.
Featured Services
Our in depth assessments will analyze your lab's operating costs and efficiencies, structure, technology, capacity, and productivity to increase your profit margins and save you money. Our assessment services are tailored to meet your specific project needs.
Our comprehensive request for proposal process simplifies the complexity of evaluating, selecting, and implementing cost-saving improvements and cutting-edge technologies. We will walk you through this process for your LIS / LIMS or other project needs.
Our startup services are tailored to the clinical diagnostic, toxicology, pain management, and drug of abuse sectors. We can manage all aspects of your startup from business plan development through certification and sample processing to achieve your quality and financial goals.
We align your technology-enabled solutions with your enterprise goals and assist you through implementation to give you an innovative edge.
We have the skill and experience to provide interim leadership and assist your organization in aligning practices with new modes of thinking enabled by cutting-edge IT, industry trends, testing technologies, and best practices.
Our principles and associates will show you how to implement procedures, systems, and technology that maximize profits from your excess lab capacity or standalone lab business.
If you are considering investing in the health information or lab industry, we will walk you through all of the risks and gaps, and assess potential returns so you can make a sound decision.
We remove barriers to make sure your organization is in compliance for CAP inspection readiness, mock survey, claims reviews, compliance audit assessments, and joint commission readiness.
We always implement best practices in billing and financial management to reach and exceed fiscal performance goals.
We get meaningful information from your data by better understanding your quality, business, benchmarks, project, and compensation metrics. Fusing your business management and technology will highlight hidden opportunities for growth.
Learn how to use lean six sigma strategies for sustainable process efficiency to develop cost-saving best practices, automation & workflows, tools, and effective operations.
We can help you develop or improve your quality management systems, supported by auditing, procedural documentation, and implementing new corrective action plans.

October 14, 2013

If you’re considering capital projects to improve the accuracy and value of your QA and business metrics, or if you use Six Sigma strategies to streamline your organizations, LabMetrics can provide you with the best range of strategies and technologies to maximize lab outreach, revenue, and efficiency.

Our solutions will drive your profitability. Our team stays with you through every project stage from assessment to design, and implementation.

We look forward to connecting with you and discussing how LabMetrics can help with all of your project needs.


Jim Sundberg, President

Phone: (855) 452-2638