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Issue #8 October 2013
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Featured: A Family Affair

Mass Planting

Kidsafe Playground Update

Archoncad 3D images

Praise for Vintage Red

City Living to get more hot and bothered

Prestige Plants Opens new Trade Outlet

Ges Wins - O'So Fine and Little Ruby

Plant Profiles:

Native Shrub and Ground Cover Range

Agapanthus orientalis ‘CLOUDY DAYS’ PBR

Green John
Callistemon viminalis ‘LJ23’ PBR
A Family Affair
A Family Affair
With so much gloom and doom in the business world, it is encouraging to discover a good news story about a business that’s is not just thriving, but expanding to involve all the family.
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Dear Subscriber
Welcome back to another issue of Landscape News.
We have a jam packed issue for you, as promised our feature article 'A Family Affair' is all about Nathan Layt and Katrina Layt being back with the company.  Plus we have our 13 Top plants for Mass planting, and an update on the Kidsafe Playground in Westmead.

So enjoy your reading.


Beck Dutschke
Mass Planting
Mass Planting, Our top 13 Mass planting Plants

Take a look at our 13 Top  Mass planting plants from Ozbreed.

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Kidsafe Playgrounds Update.
Kisdafe Playground complete

The Kidsafe Playground renovation has been completed!

Ozbreed has donated plants to the recently completed Kidsafe Playground in Westmead Sydney to use throughout their playground. See full article

Archoncad 3D Images
Archoncad 3D
Archoncad is the premier provider of Vectorworks training. Although based in New Zealand, they provide training to clients worldwide through manuals, online training, and special interest group sessions for landscapers.
Ozbreeds new 3D graphics have been put into Vectorworks by Archoncad.
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City living getting more hot and bothered
City living getting hot and bothered

We have been talking about heat on surfaces for sometime now, here is an article on how our cities will become more hot and bothered in the future.
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GES wins - O'So Fine and Little Ruby.
GES Wins

Two ornamental plants have received industry recognition by winning Gold and Silver awards and critical acclaim from the NSW nursery industry.
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Plant Profile:
Ozbreeds Native Shrub and Ground Cover Range
Native Shrub & Ground Covers Range

Ozbreeds Native Shrub and Ground Cover Range is a specially chosen collection of Australian native plants that are better performing and look good too.
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Plant Profile:
Agapanthus orientalis ‘CLOUDY DAYS’ PBR

Plant Profile 'Cloudy Days'

In the past the plant variety Agapanthus orientalis has been given a bad rap in the press and throughout the horticultural industry, beng labelled an invasive weed. Now there is 'Coudy Days', an A.orientalis that rarely seeds and is a very low risk plant when it comes to weed potential. 
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Plant Profile: 
Green John™ Callistemon viminalis ‘LJ23’ PBR

Green John™ Callistemon is an exciting new edition to the Ozbreed Shrub & Ground Cover Range, it is a true dwarf form of Callistemon viminalis. It is denser and slower growing habit, Green John™ Callistemon is ideal for mass planting, general landscapes and home garden use. Click here for more information

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