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Catrett Locke Casting
Sept 11, 2013
Hello all, 
We first want to thank you for all of your support of our last couple of shows. We would not be successful without all of you. This e-mail is regarding our Untitled Trilogy 2 Part. This film will require very specific looks. You will all need to be pre-fitted and most likely will receive haircuts depending on the role you are cast for. If you are not comfortable please do not submit. We will not be upset but we want to save us both our time. Next I need to stress how important your photos are. We get alot of different submissions and alot of pictures are not clear enough (wrong angle, out of focus, multiple people in the picture) and they are looked over. So if you want us to notice your submission then please make sure you have 3 clear pictures. They do not need to be professional. They need to be in focus and you need be the only person in the picture. Have a friend, neighbor or family friend take photos for you. We need one clear face shot of you. Please read descriptions carefully as some will require different types of photos (ie..with make-up or with out). The director will be seeing hundreds of photos and we want you to look your best to fill the role you are submitting for. This is going to be a great film to be apart of and we look forward to all of your submissions. Also on another side note, we will not allow cell phones on set or in holding. They need to be kept in the car or we will have a check in process where you can leave your phones with us and check the periodically. Anyone caught Tweeting or facebooking anything about what happens on set, at fittings, about locations or anything else will immediately be escorted of set and not be able to return. Unfortunately the nature of this show requires security. We just want to make you fully aware of how things will work on this set so there are no surprises. Please see the attached LINK to see how we NEED these photos to be like. We DO NOT want them in card form but we do want them to be taken specificaly for this project. We wantt hem to show your thin frame, be well lit and in focus. 

We are seeking men and women that are extremely thin. We need all ages, ethnicities and looks. Character faces and more.... 

Please put your ethnicity/gender/age in the subject box. Please have pictures that show the thin body type you have. The better the pictures the better your chances. This is where minimal make-up is wanted but the best is NO make-up at all. These people would not have the make-up piled on. We are really trying to sell this less fortunate look. Please at this time we are only need 18 and up. We will post for children soon.

Please send all submissions to Please include 3 pics (head and body) follow above instridtions. You must include the below info

Phone Number:

Please make sure you ave all the above in formation in that format. Please put the role you are submitting for in the subject box. Please I can't stress enough about the quality of your pictures.

Now that you are done sit back and relax.. We will contact you when the time comes....

Catrett Locke Casting
Rose Locke
Jamie Catrett
Robb Pendleton
Ressie Burtley
Britt Susko
Salena and Katie too