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Are you a long lost member of the Brady Bunch? Does your hair do the Farrah Fawcett flip? Are you rocking a sweet 'stache your wife wants you to get rid of immediately? Perhaps a beard? Are you currently sporting a nice fro? If so, we're looking for you for an all new feature film shooting in Atlanta, GA! We are looking for those groovy people with far out hairstyles and looks from the late 70's and early 80's. (SIDE NOTE: You do not have to have clothing from that era! We will get you period clothing.) Filming dates are March 4th- May 17th. You do NOT have to be available all of the dates, but we wanted to give you a general idea of filming dates, so we could hopefully get you in the film at least one day if you have the "look".

We can't tell you the name of the film, but it's going by the working title "Teaching Manheim". You should look up the director, though, Adam McKay. :). 

If you can't get the song "Funkytown" out of your head and you have the 70's/80's look, we invite you to submit yourself to our newly created email address 
YOU MUST Use the subject line: 70's Style (Age/Gender/Ethnicity) (That's your age, your gender, and your ethnicity)

Your submission MUST include the following: 

3 CLEAR Pictures of yourself (please include at least one with your late 70's hair style)




Phone Number

Please note if you have any dance experience (use the subject line "Dancer"). Also, if you have cars from 1969-1980, please note the make, model, year, and color in your submission and attach a picture of them as well. We will pay you extra for your car. 

For Reference photos, please go to our  CL Casting Facebook Page