An Olympic Escape for stamp Collectors
27th. July 2012 

Good Day Subscriber  
     I am sending this note a day earlier than usual as I am sure that most will want to see the opening of the 2012 Olympics. I know I do despite all the commercial hype that goes on before the event these days.
     This is the second time this year my old brain has drifted down: Memory Lane and just like the Jubilee celebrations triggered thoughts of that actual time I can also still remember the 1948 Olympics! I didn't get to go and television was still 5 years in the future but as we lived just ten miles from 2 major venues we did have a crowd of overseas Athletes  using our school gym as a dormitory! A sort of 1948 Olympic Village! Ah Helicon days!
      Anyway  Subscriber I expect I will start to drift away from the events once the games get underway and I will no doubt be drawn back to my ongoing passion! So, just in case you are like minded I have put up some more general links to maybe offer a quick escape!
     This week I have developed a new Area for Nevis and there a really nice range, with some depth, of: George VI Mint New Zealand Officials! Quite scares these days with values that: hold up! Well worth a look! Plus, a small range of fine used King George V GB and about 150 other fresh items!
     So, please enjoy the Olympics and use this as quick escape route if you need one
        Kind Regards 



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