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20th. July 2012 

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     Following on from the week before last and talking about missing items in a collection. I know as a collector I have often had short sets and spent ages trying to source that elusive missing item! So, as most will know I do try to list lots of lower priced single values that it isn't viable to list on say eBay because of their charges. It is a notion that is popular as I do sell thousands every week but of course one can't promote them as they are too widely spread. One item is easily found if there are just ten to look at but the site has over 12,000 and that can be time consuming task especially with the drill down method that the site uses. It can take as many as 4 clicks to get to the Country that you want.
     With that in mind I have been working with David of ScotStamps who is my mentor in these things and have come up with a short cut option in the form of "One Country Quick Links" in text format. Its an idea that I hope works well for you! I would also add, and this will please many: it dose circumvent Brad who dose drive some to distraction!
    There is at lest 600 fresh items this week including a nice run of Falkland Island Dependencies.  I hope
 Subscriber I manage to put up something that may interest you? Just in closing since I always look on the site as for the client if you have any suggestion that you feel would improve the experience for you I'd love to hear them from you. Please you have a nice weekend.
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Short Cuts to Major Omnibus Issues

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